Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday Things

Bugsy here, to tell you some Things on Thursday. As you saw yesterday, Gypsy and I had to carefully snoopervise the handyman guy on Saturday while he was installing the window aycee unit in the bedroom. We were the only two brave enough to come out and watch Mr. Bobby while he worked; the rest of the Krew were hiding under the bed, or even under the couch in another room altogether!

I'll admit that Gypsy was even braver than me, though; she got up pretty close to Mr. Bobby, while I stayed up on the bed with The Mommy. Look at Gypsy here, she even went over and checked out the inner guts of the aycee monster, while Mr. Bobby was putting the frame thingy in the window!

Later after Mr. Bobby was done with the window aycee in the bedroom, the rest of the chicken-cats came out of hiding and took a turn checking it out.

As for the status of the regular main aycee, the aycee repair peoples are supposed to be out here this morning to fix it. However, we're also supposed to be getting big thunder boomers this morning. So we're not sure if we'll be seeing the aycee repair people or not, since they have to do a lot of the work outside. At least it cools things down a little, and we still have the window aycee units in the meantime!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Toesie Tuesday

Look at all our toes! I think mine are the prettiest, of course.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Mancat Monday

We're just chillin' out in the bedroom after our big Blogoversary Bash this weekened. We sure do appreciate everyone coming by, we had a great time and hope you all did too!

Ummm...but we have to apologize if things seemed a little warm and stuffy over here. Our air conditioning has been out since last Tuesday, and here in Texas in summer, that means it gets mighty hot mighty fast inside. Some of you might have noticed the A/C repair guy poking around on Friday afternoon during the Blogoversary Bash, and he had the bad news that it wasn't a quick fix (boo!). So you may have also noticed the handyman guy who came over on Saturday morning after The Mommy's urgent call for help, and he installed a couple of window A/C units to get us through the weekend (when 100 degree temps and 105 degree heat index temps were expected, though we don't think it really got *quite* that hot) and the next few days until the main unit gets fixed.

It was quite pleasant in the bedroom by mid-day Saturday, that's why we urged everyone to head that direction later in the day. Took a little longer for the kitchen/den/living area to cool off, but overall the window units are working pretty darn good...especially compared to how miserable we all were for most of last week.

We're keeping our paws crossed for getting the A/C properly fixed early this week...

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Blogoversary weekend!

It's a blogoversary weekend bash here at The Kitty Krew!

Saturday, June 5th is our one-year blogoversary, but since we know many kitties don't get to visit much on the weekends (including us sometimes), we decided to party all weekend long, starting today. So come and go as you please, and help yourself to any of the tasty treats available to you.

We've got chick-hen...

And hams and sausages...


And roast lamb!


And more of the prawns that were a big hit at the house-trashing party.

Cheese, too...

Nip-tinis for the adults...

And milk for the kittens.

There are also plenty of Temptations, Greenies and other treats too, and we've got lots of mousies, nip nanners, and other toys to play with.

We'd like to thank everyone we've met over the past year for spending time with us, allowing us to come into your homes, and welcoming us into the Cat Blogosphere with open paws. A very special thank you to Wally, Ernie and Zoey of The Island Cats, who were the very first kitties to leave us a comment on our bloggie and welcome us to the CB, and who have remained good friends ever since. Other quite-early visitors included Eric and Flynn and Milo and Alfie, among others. We love all our friends! You've laughed with us, you've shared with us, you've purrrrred with us, and you've cried with us when we lost our dear Callie nearly 6 months ago. The CB is a great place to be.

Come on over and celebrate with us all weekend long!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday Triumph Take Two

Gypsy isn't the only one who can triumph over the little red catnip mousie and then be gracious enough to allow it to curl up alongside for a nap...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

'Wards Wednesday

We've recently been fortunate to receive a couple of awards from our blogging friends, and wanted to mention them here and thank our friends for sharing them with us!!

First, from Sammy and Andy, and also specifically to Pixie from Ernie at The Island Cats, we received The Versatile Blogger award.

There are 3 rules that go along with this award:

Rule 1. Thank the person who gave it to you.

Thank you very much, Sammy and Andy!!!! We love you guys, and your mamabug too. And to Ernie from Pixie, you rock, fellow House Panther! Thanks, dude!

Rule 2. Share 9 things about yourself.

1. If Pixie or Ziggy are chasing Roxy, Gypsy will run over and get in the middle of things - not necessarily to help either side, but just to get in on the fun.

2. Sassy loves to sleep on top of the chest of drawers in the bedroom - so much so that The Mommy finally gave up and put a soft blankie on the top for her instead of having anything else on top.

3. Our sweet Callie angel used to lay on the bathroom counter while The Mommy got ready for work. Ziggy and Bugsy sometimes will get on the counter, but they never just lay there and wait and watch like Callie used to do.

4. It's a good thing we have lots of places to sleep, 'cause none of us like to cuddle up very close together.

5. We all like to drink out of the kitchen faucet so The Mommy keeps it running a bit all the time in addition to having two water bowls. Bugsy and Sassy don't as much as all the younger kitties, though.

6. All of us except Gypsy like to take our turns curling up on The Mommy's lap. Gypsy still isn't very affectionate, although she will let The Mommy pick her up and pet her for a few moments, and sometimes rub against her leg.

7. Pixie absolutely loves to be picked up and held and petted, just like a baby.

8. Gypsy loves to be given treats and any time The Mommy even looks like she might possibly be walking towards where the treats are kept, Gypsy will run over there and sit by the container and meow and meow and meow.

9. Roxy sleeps under the couch a lot 'cause she has to hide from Pixie and Ziggy, who like to chase her. But as long as The Mommy is home, she's usually out and around.

Rule 3. Pass the award along to 9 bloggers who you think are fantastic.

Well, we think everyone is fantastic and we really hate choosing. And we know a lot of you have already gotten this and are quite frankly too lazy to see who has and who hasn't. So if you've already gotten it and we're giving it to you again, it's a compliment! We'd like to give it to:

1. Attie Cattie (and Audrey too)
2. Brian and all his sisters at Brian's Home
3. The Fuzzy Tales gang
4. The incomparable Fin
5. Our new friends at Katnip Lounge
6. The rascally Milo and Alfie
7. Neighbor Noir along with his family
8. Floofy Sweet Praline
9. All the kitties at The Creek Cats

Our second award was received from our friend Down Under, Miss Huffle Mawson, the Happy Cat Award! Thank you so much, Huff.

The rules say we have to list six things that make us happy, then pass this award on to six of our friends.

Since there are six of us, we'll each list one thing that make us happy:

1. Bugsy: Sleeping on a window perch in the window

2. Sassy: Being up on top of the kitchen cabinets away from Pixie

3. Roxy: Laying on The Mommy's lap

4. Pixie: Drinking from the kitchen faucet

5. Gypsy: Getting treats

6. Ziggy: Playing with twistie ties or pieces of cardboard on the kitchen floor

As with the other award, we're sure there are many who have already gotten it and we're not sure who has and who hasn't without checking, which we didn't. So if you've already gotten it...welllll, you can just not do the game part. We're going to pass the award on to:

1. Deli and Sammy at The Monkeys
2. All of The Island Cats
3. Inigo and Rumblepurr
4. Our friends Tasha, Franklin and Dobby at Mishkat (bonus happy thing, that they're blogging again!)
5. The lovely ladies at Jacqueline's Cat House, Calle, Halle & Sukki -- and Mommy and Daddy too!
6. Eric and Flynn

Whew! That's a lot of 'warding on Wednesday. It's time for naps now...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Toes, Tail and Tummy Toosday

It's a Toes, Tail and Tummy Toosday!

See? It's my toes and my tail...on The Mommy's tummy!

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