Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Callie's Chatter

Hi peoples! It's Tortie Tuesday so here I am in all my tortie goodness, hanging around on the teevee stand thingie.

The window perch is a great place to nap, as well as see what's going on outside when The Mommy won't let us out there to see it on our own.

It's been a little cooler the past couple of days, but we still can't go outside 'cuz Bugsy is still gettin' better from his surgery (and it's not fair if the rest of us go out if he can't).

Speaking of Bugsy, he had a bit of a setback over the weekend. Nothing too major, but The Mommy discovered on Saturday morning that he'd popped his stitches on his belly and she freaked a bit to see a hole in his belly (wouldn't you beans?). So after calling the V-E-T's office, who said to wrap his belly (are they kidding her? YOU beans try wrapping a kitty's belly!) and bring him in on Monday, she kept an eye on him over the weekend to make sure his guts didn't come falling out and back he went yesterday to get his belly stapled rather than stitched this time. Turns out he also has an inner set of stitches on the bladder where the surgery was done, and those are fine and healing well. So even though a hole in his belly isn't really a good thing, it wasn't as bad as The Mommy was imagining. He didn't have to stay overnight so is back home already and laying in The Mommy's lap as she types this for me.

That's all for me for today, Tortie Tuesday. Bye peoples!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Introoder Alert!

Pixie: Hey Roxy! There's an introoder over here! Did The Mommy get us a new kitty?

Roxy: I don't know, Pixie. Why don't you try a smacky paw and see what he does.

Pixie: Well, he didn't do anything. Why don't you come over here closer and check him out.

Roxy: Okay. Maybe I should try a smacky paw!

Roxy: He still didn't do anything, wonder what would happen if I whack him with both paws?

Roxy: Still nothing. I'm bored now.

Pixie: Well, since he's not fighting back, I'm going to put the bitey on him!

Pixie: Still nothing. And he's a funny color. I'm bored now too.

Roxy: That's a weird kitty that The Mommy got...


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Roxy's Ramblings

Hi peoples! Well, it's Saturday, yay! The Mommy's happy 'bout that. And we're all happy to have Bugsy back home and feeling better.

So I was looking through my pictures, and realized how many different places there are to lay down and get comfy. Here are just a few I thought I'd share with you to make it a Silly Saturday!

The bathroom counter works well, I can snoopervise while The Mommy gets ready for that "work" place she always goes to during the week.

Here's an interesting spot, on a box between the bathroom cabinet and the bubbly tub. Why, you may ask, is there a box there? Good question! It's 'cuz we sneaky kitties figgered out how to pry off the front panels on the sides of the bubbly tub and crawl up into the guts underneath! Aren't we smart?! So The Mommy had to put something on each side to block us. Now if she was crafty, she'd at least cover the silly ol' boxes with pretty paper or something instead of just leaving 'em all brown. Silly Mommy.

Another good place is the dining room table, a nice spot to retreat to when everycat is outside and I get skeered from some loud noise. I can still see out through the open front door from here and keep an eye on The Mommy sitting there.

This rug is nice and soft, and is conveniently located near one of the boogie mats as well as one of the scratching stations.

The computer chair, when not otherwise occupied by The Mommy, is a very good place for a nap; it comes with a nice cushion against the back!

The fireplace mantel, while not an obvious first choice, is also a good location for taking a quick snooze. Not to mention I can get away from Pixie up here, so he doesn't bug me! It's also my perch of choice to greet The Mommy when she gets home from the "work" thingy.

Finally, the couch is always the perfect nappy location. It's also convenient for glaring at The Mommy when she's gotten out the flashy box thing one too many times... (you may need to bigify the picture to see the narrow peek of my evil eye glare that I'm giving her!)

How 'bout you cats? What kind of places do you like to get comfy?

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Bye peoples!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mommy, I'm Home!

(The Mommy's lap is the bestest place to be!)

Hi peoples! Bugsy here, and yes, I'm home from the V-E-T. The Mommy picked me up late yesterday afternoon and once we got home, I was in one of my favorite places shortly thereafter -- her lap!

I'm doing pretty good, moving a little slow but otherwise all seems to be okay. The Doc said that the stone from my bladder was kind of funky looking so he's sending it off for tests, but it'll be a few weeks before they come back. He's not overly worried about it, just wants to be sure there's nothing weird going on. My stitches will come out next Friday and I won't be able to go outside again until after that. Oh well, The Mommy says it's too hot right now anyway. (The Mommy: It's in the 100s for the next several days, Bugsy, that's wayyyyy too hot for you kitties to go outside. You'll be much more comfy inside, trust me!)

Thanks again everyone/cat/dog for all the purrs and purrayers and headbutts and grrrs and hugs and everything, I just know that they all helped me so much! And The Mommy appreciates them all too. (The Mommy: Yes I do, more than I can possibly say.) You cats and dogs and beans are the bestest!

Oh! And thanks so much to Peggy's Place for giving me this nifty award as a welcome home after my surgery. Very cool!

Well, I think it's time to go take another nap. Bye peoples!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Update on Bugsy

Great news! I've talked with the vet's office, and Bugsy came through his surgery just fine and is doing well. Yayness! He has to stay overnight, and it'll be late tomorrow afternoon before I'll be able to pick him up so he gets an extended vacation with everyone cooing over him. (I'm sure he'll be scared and hate being there, though.)

Thanks so much to everyone for all the purrs and hugs and grrs and everything, we both very much appreciate it. I'm feeling so very relieved now, though it'll be even better when my baby is actually home tomorrow.

Hugs to everyone!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bugsy's Babble

Hi peoples. I'm hopin' yous wunnerful peoples and kitties and even the woofies wouldn't mind sending me a few hugs and purrs and grrs for tomorrow (Tuesday), 'cuz I gots to go to the V-E-T and have surgery, and I'm a little skeered. I mentioned in my Bugsy's Babble intro a couple of weeks ago that I have a bladder stone, and the V-E-T is gonna go in and take it out and make me all better (well, for that problem anyway...my eye problem won't get fixed until later in the summer).

I'm sure I'll feel better when it's done and the pain I'm in now will go away and maybe I won't wanna pee on the carpet and the wall no more (The Mommy sure hopes so!). But it'll still probably not be any fun having to do the surgery and maybe hurt for awhile from that and I bet The Mommy will have to give me pills or something for a few days so I don't get an infekshun and I hate pills and medicine so I'll fight her and that'll make us both mad. She knows I don't mean to hurt her with my claws and I know she's just trying to help, but I can't help it, I have to fight it. So it should be a "fun" few days around here for awhile.

The Mommy's a little skeered too, 'cuz the last time she had to take a kitty in for surgery a couple of years ago, that was my Uncle Felix, he didn't do so well 'cuz he'd had several of them in a short time for ear problems and he didn't make it from the last one. So she's a little worried even though she knows this is completely different and there's no reason to think anything bad will happen, but there's no accountin' for bad memories. So if'n maybe you kitties could spare a purr for her, that would be good too.

Probably won't be until late tomorrow before The Mommy can let everyone know how I did. But she'll try to visit everyone else on my behalf, to keep her mind off me if nothing else... Tonight, though, I get extra snuggles!!

Bye peoples.

Purrs and hugs,

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pixie's Ponderings

Hi peoples! The Mommy let us go outside for awhile on Friday evening, and I went into fevver-hunting mode. I even went up in the tree after one that Callie and I wuz stalking! Bigify this picture and you'll see me as the little black blob where the arrow's pointing:

Unfortunately, it flew off to the mailbox by then (which you can also see in the bigified picture if'n ya look close). But here I've spotted another one, on the roof of the house:

I'm on my way to take care of it!

Judging the distance so I can pounce...

Ready to take the leap to the roof...

Aw, darn, he moved away before I could jump!

Well, even though he got away, I can still chatter at him and show him who's the boss!

It was a fun time!

Gotta go now, bye peoples!


PS - Check me out over at The House Panthers today, too! I'm everywhere today!!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sweet Angel Saturday

Bugsy: Why, no, Mommy! ::blinks innocently:: Of course I didn't go across the street when I'm not supposed to! ::blinks innocently:: Of course when you came back out the door, you didn't see me coming out of the neighbor's ditch and run back across the street when you yelled my name! ::blinks innocently:: It must have been my evil twin. I'm a sweet angel and I wouldn't do what I'm not supposed to do! ::blinks innocently::

Callie: Why, no, Mommy! ::blinks innocently:: Of course I'm not on the other side of the driveway when I'm not supposed to be! ::blinks innocently:: Of course you don't have photographic evidence of me on the other side of the driveway and all the way past the fire hydrant that marks the edge of our property, and practically into the field next door! ::blinks innocently:: It must have been my evil twin. I'm a sweet angel and I wouldn't do what I'm not supposed to do! ::blinks innocently::

Friday, June 19, 2009

International Box Day

Hi peoples! It's International Box Day, and The Mommy said we could participate in it. We've never done one of these let's-all-post-on-the-same-theme things before so we hope we're doing it right. If we messed up, someone let us know, okay? At least we had fun!

Bugsy: Here I am laying on a box; you can see some of that eye pigment color in my right eye that I told y'all about before --

Sassy: And here I am on the same box (but not at the same time!) --

Callie: Here I am in a box (The Mommy leaves this one lying in front of the fireplace with a bunch of thick bubblewrap inside so we can lay in it whenever we want! It's one of my favorite places to sleep...) --

Roxy: Now here I am standing in the sleepy box...The Mommy had to force-pose this one 'cuz I just wouldn't cooperate by getting in or on a box this week and she couldn't find any old ones of me with a box!

Pixie: And last but certainly not least (next time I'm gonna go first!), here I am also with a forced pose 'cuz I didn't cooperate neither! Maybe next time...then again, maybe not!

Be sure and go check out all the other kitties participating in International Box Day!

Happy Friday everybuddy, and we hope you all have a great weekend!!

Bye peoples!

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