Wednesday, June 10, 2009


A quick apology to everyone who's been leaving comments; I was dorking around in the settings late last night and discovered that the verification thingy for having to type in those letters to prove you're a real cat/human was set to "yes" and I didn't mean for it to be. Coulda sworn I'd turned that off. I think it's off now -- unless it WAS off and I turned it on by mistake! -- but if you find you have to do the verification thingy to leave a comment, could you let me know in that you have to leave by doing the verification thingy?

Also, alert return visitors may have noticed a change in the template. It's still the same Blogger template name (Thisaway), but I changed from "rose" to "blue" -- all those pinky rose colors seemed to be a bit much. I'm a "blue" kinda gal. I'm also a pretty simple kinda gal, though, so I may yet change again when I have time to play with it more, and go for something...less. I'm not very geeky though -- I know enough html to get in trouble but not enough to code a template on my own -- so sticking with a pre-done template is about as good as I can do. We shall see, eh?

All righty, enough for now. Check back later for today's introduction cat!

The Mommy

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