Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Smorgasbord

Hi peoples! We alls wanted to say a little sumthin today, so we thought we'd each take a turn in a Saturday Smorgasbord. Here we go!

Bugsy: I just wanted to say thanks to all the peoples and kitties out there for all the purrs and support abouts my eye and other problems. I appurrciate it bunches! While I'm definitely not really looking forward to any surgery, I will be happy to get the bladder stone thing taken care of, and hopefully it'll mean the end of peeing in the wrong places like on the carpet and the wall (I'm sure The Mommy would appreciate that too ). I'll keep y'all posted on what's going on!

Sassy: Well, like The Mommy threatened, I had to go in this morning for my V-E-T visit. Yucky! The cage thingy and the car ride were just awful, and the poking and prodding weren't any better. But I was a Good Girl and put up with it and didn't hurt anyone. And I'm just fine and don't have to go back until next year! That's a relief. I really feel sorry for Bugsy, that he has to take so many of these trips with the eye and bladder problems he has. My poor brother! And thank you all for the nice comments you left on my intro, you're the bestest!

Callie: I'm just hanging out on a lazy Saturday, earlier I was up on top of the cabinets, then I was laying on a box on the floor near The Mommy. I'm hoping Pixie will leave me alone, he likes to wrestle and chase me around - he's a meanie! I can even be sleeping on the couch or somewhere, minding my own business, when he comes up and starts trouble for no reason. Very annoying. I hope he grows out of it soon. Thanks to all who read and commented on my intro post, it's nice to have y'all stopping by!

Roxy: It's been a quiet day here at The Kitty Krew, once The Mommy and Sassy got back from the V-E-T. The Mommy was reading, and now she finally decided to let us blog and go catch up with our kitty friends since we didn't do anything on the 'puter yesterday. We hope everyone else is having a good weekend! Hugs and purrs to all who enjoyed my intro post and left comments, it's so good of you to take time to visit!

Pixie: Hey, I do not start trouble...well, not much...okay, yeah, I'm a trouble-maker. The Mommy's always having to get on me about picking on the others. I don't know why I do it, it's just fun! I'll try really hard to be a Good Boy, The Mommy, I promise! And I try to make up for it by curling up against The Mommy's shoulder to nap when she's sitting on the couch reading, and she goes all gooey 'cause I'm just so darn cute... Thanks for all the nice comments on my intro too, we're all so glad you've been stopping by our blog and enjoying it! Oh, and because The Mommy forgotted to include a babycat pic of me in my intro, here's one when I was about 6 weeks old (just a few days after she Gotcha'd me):

That's all for today, bye peoples!

The Kitty Krew
Bugsy, Sassy, Callie, Roxy, and Pixie


8GR8LOLCATS said...

Sounds like you all had a busy day! Our PURRsons are doing things-painting- to Nom room... So we just kind of tried to stay out of the way... We don't like the vetdokter either! 8GR8CATS

Eric and Flynn said...

We've just had a nice relaxing day. We went for two walks today. Mum took us this morning, then dad said he would come with us this evening. We like it when dad comes because he rolls on the grass with us and pretends to be a kitty.

The Caring Infernal Warden said...

That's definitely a busy day!
And good thing the V-E-T visit wasn't too bad. Poor Melvin has to go to his V-E-T over the weekend next week so they can "monitor his behavior".

So we've been having a super lazy Saturday to save up for then.

Mishkat said...

We're glad to meet all of you. Our mom had to laugh about Pixie - Franklin is the youngest in our house, and he's always teasing the other two cats because he thinks he's still a kitten. And they put up with it too - they think he's still a kitten too! (He's almost five!)

Many purrs!

Reese =^..^= said...

Wow! That's a lot of stuff going on. You're a busy bunch.

pughy said...

Your mum has got a fun packed housefull. I bet there is never a dull moment. I am enjoying your stories very much.

Glad the vet trip wasn't all trauma. But sorry there is more ahead with the eye's and bladder problems. I am purring like crazy for you.

Take care. Hugs GJ xx

Tracey and Huffle said...

Hi kitties! Whew what a busy day. I hope they can fix the eye and bladder problems. I will purr hard.

Huffle Mawson

The Monkeys said...

You guys are busy, busy! We were very happy to meet all of you and look forward to hearing more about your adventures

Anonymous said...

That is a fine photo of you, Pixie... you look ready for anything!

Our sister Lizzie had bladder stones removed years ago and she's been much better ever since. Try not to worry!

Parker said...

Such a busy, busy time at your house!

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