Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy birthday, Pixie....and Goodbye, Gypsy Girl

Pixie boy is so happy that he's 5 today! We're going to have a small party with the Krew for him to celebrate as we're kinda subdued right now....

...because with good news, comes bad news -- we lost our sweet Gypsy Girl on Oct. 21st.  She was sick for about 6 weeks, and just didn't make it.  Gypsy was only 3 and almost reached her 2nd Gotchaversary this past Saturday...

...but Ziggy, who was adopted at the same time as Gypsy, quietly celebrated their joint 2nd Gotchaversary with the rest of the Krew on her behalf.

So after two losses this year, we're down to four kitties in the Krew now.  Really strange.

We're sorry to be so doom and gloom when we do manage to post.  So we'll circle back around and say:


Purrs and hugs to all,
The Mommy and The Kitty Krew
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