Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sassy's Scoop

Hi peoples! It's only me and Bugsy left to do our first posts, and Bugsy decided to be a gentlemanly mancat and let me, his sister the ladycat, go first. So you peoples will hear from him probably tomorrow.

I'm Sassy, and The Mommy says I gots my name because it fit my personality when I was a babycat -- and still does! You're already heard the story from my littersister Callie as to how we came to be bornded and to live with The Mommy, so I won't go all through that again (except she forgot to say that our Gotcha Date is Dec. 1, 2003, when we were about 2 months old). We're really glad that The Mommy and the ex-daddy let us come inside to live with them, and that The Mommy took us with her later on when she moved away. She spoils us rotten (as all beans should do, of course!) and makes sure we're taken care of.

Wanna see a babycat pic of me? Of course you do, who can resist kitten pictures! This is when I was just a few weeks old, before we moved in for good. The ex-daddy had brought me in to show The Mommy, and I climbed in behind her head To Check Things Out (or maybe it was To Hide!):

My very special own nickname is Sweetie, which often gets combined with my name to be Sassy Sweetie or Sweet Sassy. The Mommy also calls me Sass, Sassafrass, Sassymeister, Sassinator, and Sassy Mae.

I like to go outside, and sometimes I wander a little too far and The Mommy has to come herd me back to the approved boundaries. I'm not as bad as Bugsy though! But here I am last Saturday, checking out a bug right up on the front porch like a good little kitty (The Mommy: Of course, Little Miss Innocent that she is, she doesn't mention this is taken just a few minutes after I had to go herd her back from the wrong side of the driveway...) --

I haven't had a V-E-T visit this year, I'm really hoping that The Mommy has overlooked me in the confusion of all the other kitties 'cuz I don't wanna go (The Mommy: Good try, Sassy, but your turn is this Saturday).

I think that's all I gots this time around. Bye peoples!



Anonymous said...

i am really enjoying meeting all of you so much! and i love to see the kitten photos. one day when i am a big man cat, people will look back at my kitten photos!!! lots of luv,

Daisy said...

Nice to meet you Sassy. You sure are pretty!

The Island Cats said...

Hi ya, Sassy! It's nice to meet you! We can't wait to hear more sassy stories!

Black Cat said...

You are very pretty Sassy and that's such a cute kitten photo of you!

I wondered what had upset the kitteh so much too... I hope it was just a tantrum, not anything bad done to him/her by the beans. Overall though, if the beans had done something bad I think the kitteh would have run and hid, unless s/he was very, very courageous and not aware of his/her much smaller size! :) xxx

William said...

Hi kids! Thanks for visiting me and my sibs! We're a family of five kids and a mom, too. There's me, my bro Russell (aka Russell Bustle), Olivia (aka Kangaroo Girl)--she's the dilute torti, Caroline--she's the half-a-meezer tabby, and Gracie (aka the little Pee Queen)--she's the calico.

We're really enjoying your stories and glad you decided to join the cat blogosphere!

Parker said...

Thanks for the visit! It is very nice to meet all of you wonderful Kitties!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sassy! Don't fret about the vet!

Eric and Flynn said...

Hi Sassy, that is a cute photo of you when you were a little baby.

Fin said...

I like the sassonator!

pughy said...

Thats a lovely picture of you as a baby, you still have the same lovely eyes. Looking forward to meeting and hearing about you all.

Hugs GJ x

Karen Jo said...

Glad to meet you, Sassy. I look forward to learning lots more about all of you.

Tracey and Huffle said...

Hi kitties, it's nice to meet you all! Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to reading more about you. And seeing Pixie over at House Panthers!

Huffle Mawson

Hansel said...

Sassy, you're gorgeous!

*And thank you, thank you for coming to my purfdeh party yesterday!*

Anya said...

Sassy your are a SWEETIE :)
Lovely shot =^.^=

Mishkat said...

Hi Sassy! We're very happy to meet you - and we think you look a little bit like Franklin too. (We don't have kitten photos of him, but after seeing yours, we wish we did!)

Big purrs to you - and our mom says thanks to your mom for turning off the word verification (she always mistypes those things.)

Anonymous said...

Hello Kitty Krew! So nice to meet you all!

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