Friday, October 22, 2010


The last four months of the year bring a lot of events to celebrate here at The Kitty Krew, along with a few to mourn in remembering CAts who have LEft Before (our vSquillion, Caleb, was named in their collective honor). Since last year, however, we have an extra squishing of party time to do in a short we convinced The Mommy to let us just party for an extended time!

We start off with an event today...yeah, this should have been posted earlier. It could be blamed on Blogger eating the post, but we all know who's to blame. Useless, that's you, Mommy. *sigh*

So, here's what we've got going on:

  • October 22, 2005 - Roxy's Gotcha Day:  Yep, 5 years ago, Miss Baby Doll Roxy joined The Kitty Krew as a roughly 7 week old calico cutie pie! She's as adorable as they come, and loves lap time witih The Mommy....when she's out and about in the 'open', that is.  She hides a lot these days in cabinets and the couch due to the antics of the younger boys.
  • October 29, 2009 - Gypsy's and Ziggy's Gotcha Day:  Hard to believe, but it's been almost a year since Girly Girl Gypsy and He-Puts-the-Punk-in-Punkin' Ziggy were adopted and added to the house. Gypsy mostly stays to herself, unless she hears any other cats getting into a spit-and-hiss fight, in which case she runs right over to join in.  Ziggy is the bane of Roxy's existence, as he quickly decided that she's his personal attack toy. Although the youngest, he's quickly become the Young Turk and often talks Pixie into joining his escapades.
  • November 1, 2006 - Pixie's birthday (observed):  Darlin' Pixie is almost 4, and though he had a tendency to pick on Roxy and Sassy anyway, once Ziggy came along, it became a full-blown obsession in tandem with his new pal.  And with or without Ziggy, Pixie likes to cop a 'tude and walk up to another cat and cuff 'em....just because he can.   The Mommy isn't exempt, either.  This black beauty should have gotten October 31 as his observed birthday since he's a Halloween cat!
4 events...11 we're partying through the end of October! (And yes, we said 4 events...Gypsy's and Ziggy's Gotcha Days get counted as a separate event each. LOL)

So come join us when you can, and come back often. The magic food fairy will keep us well-stocked.

Purrs and hugs,

Saturday, October 2, 2010

LiveStrong - Cancer Awareness

In honor of all cancer fighters and survivors everywhere, including our very own Bugsy, we're proud to be participating in the LiveStrong blogging event today.

As many of you know, Bugsy had his right eye removed last year after a tumor was discovered, and that tumor turned out to be cancerous. He underwent radiation treatments for a three-week period in late September and early October last year -- yes, right about this time last year, he was finishing up those treatments. He's had 3 follow-up visits since then, the most recent in mid-August, and Dr. Cancer Vet says that so far, he's in excellent health with no signs of any recurrence of the tumor or any further spread of any cancerous cells from that tumor! We are thrilled and blessed with this good news, and hope the next visit in February continues the positive trend.

The Mommy's sister had thyroid cancer about 25 years ago, and has had a few scares since then of possible recurrences but so far, nothing substantial has happened. We're keeping paws and fingers crossed that this continues as well and that the scares go away. A shout-out to Auntie Tee if she's reading today.

Otherwise, The Mommy's family has been pretty lucky not to have any/many major cancer occurrences (either that, or she just doesn't remember them....which is possible as her memory seems to get worse and worse as time goes by, and she's only in her mid 40s!). She's known other people who got through cancer scares and others who weren't so fortunate and others who are still fighting. It's an ugly, scary, vicious disease and we wish all the best to anyone who has gone or is going through it, personally or with family and/or friends.

She's currently reading a fictional book series set on a not-too-far-flung future Earth, that includes mention of the discovery of an anti-cancer vaccine in the year 2023. Let's all wish and/or pray, whatever your preference, that such a thing comes true (even sooner maybe!)....

Friday, October 1, 2010

Bugsy and Sassy's Birthday

It's our (observed) birthday today, along with our sister Callie, who became an Angel at the Rainbow Bridge last December. We're 7 years old now (yes, Ziggy and Pixie, Bugsy saw that crack on Tuesday about being "so old" now...he can still whip your butts, you young whippersnappers!), even if Callie is forever 6.

Recently, we received some beautiful ink drawings of our lovely angel Callie that we had commissioned from The Ball Guy (you know him from our dear friends at The Monkeys), and in honor of her birthday at the Bridge, we'd like to share one of those with everyone now. We think this is our favorite...but it changes everytime we look at them.

Isn't The Ball Guy great?? We heart him. Thanks so much, Ball Guy!

But today is not a day for sadness; no, today is a day for a birthday party, combined for us and Gypsy! So come on over and party party party with us all, and we can lift a niptini glass in honor of Callie as well. Come and go as you please all weekend long, there's plenty of food and drinks for everyone -- sorry kittens, pups and other youngsters, milk only for you.

Be here or be square!


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