Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day in the United States. Its intended purpose is to serve as a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service. To help re-educate and remind Americans of the true meaning of Memorial Day, the "National Moment of Remembrance" resolution was passed in Dec 2000 which asks that at 3 p.m. local time, for all Americans "To voluntarily and informally observe in their own way a Moment of remembrance and respect, pausing from whatever they are doing for a moment of silence."

We at The Kitty Krew would like to dedicate today's post to those brave men and women throughout our country's history who have given their lives, at home and abroad, in whatever manner of service to our country. We also honor those who have served before and who continue to serve. Thanks to your sacrifices, we can enjoy our freedoms.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Finally Friday

Well, I went back to spend the day with Dr. Vet all day again yesterday to follow up on my bladder infection I told y'all about a couple of weeks ago. I really hate that, having to stay all day, but it's the only way they can steal my pee to test it. I'm too ornery to cooperate otherwise!

Turns out I still have blood or blood cells or something like that in my pee, so he gave The Mommy a different kind of Auntie Biotic to try for a few weeks. She's happy, 'cause it's already in liquid format so she doesn't have to do the crush-up-the-pill and mix-it-with-water thing twice a day that she'd been doing. I'm happy, 'cause it's only once a day instead of twice. Well, as happy as I'm going to be, having to take any medicine, that is. I'll still fight her about it, though. MOL

Speaking of fighting, when they came to take me out of the big cage to put me back in my little travel cage to go home with The Mommy, I got all hissy with them and startled them! I thought maybe they were gonna take me and poke and prod and be mean to me some more, 'cause I didn't know she was there too. I almost got all scratchy with them, but then I saw The Mommy and realized she was there to rescue me (even though it was all her fault in the first place that I was there ), so I let them coax me into the travel cage without scratching anyone.

I'm so ready to be out of all the cages, though, that I'm just a blur!!

Oh yeah, we wanted to let you all know that we won't be around to visit much over the upcoming long U.S. holiday weekend -- The Mommy's bean brother had one of those Big Number birthdays last week, so they're having a big birthday bash on Saturday and since their bean mom and stepdad as well as their bean sister and niece and nephew are flying down for the weekend, The Mommy will be off doing family things and abandoning us all day every day. Sheesh. So we hope you all have a safe and fun-filled weekend, wherever you are!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Triumph

After a hard-fought battle and victory over my nemesis, the little red catnip mousie, it's always good to curl up for a nap. And to show what a graceful winner I am, I never mind if the mouse curls up with me too. It's just good manners, after all, and of course I am a ladycat.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Twofer Tuesday

A rare sighting of Gypsy up on the kitty condo, hanging out along with Bugsy...


Monday, May 24, 2010

Mancat Monday & Belated ML Birthday Wishes

Yeah, I guess I really should have paid more attention to what Sassy said last week about the cage and the moving vehicle thingy and going to see Dr. Vet. And Roxy the week before that. You guessed it -- it was my turn this past Saturday. *sigh* And I didn't like it one bit, I told The Mommy all about it on the way there, too.

Heh - I showed Dr. Vet too...when he gave me the second deworm-y pill, I spit both it *and* the first one that he thought I'd swallowed already back up on the table! MOL Of course he just shoved 'em back down again and made me swallow 'em, but I showed him who was boss the first time, by golly.

Now let me out of this cage!!!

PS -- A belated but heartfelt happiest of birthdays to ML, mom of the Sherwood Bunch and Queen Bean Extraordinaire of the Cat Blogosphere!! We're sorry we missed it yesterday...The Mommy is so useless. *sigh* We hope you had a super day and thanks bunches for all you do for all of us in the CB!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Finally Friday

Yay, it's Friday!! I don't know about you kitties, but we'll probably be doing a lot of napping today and this weekend...of course, we do a lot of that on every day!

I'm going to get a headstart on things with a little nap on the hammick.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Hi kitties! Sassy here, to warn you to always be on your guard. You never know when you're going to be scooped up from a perfectly good napping spot and suddenly plunked into the carrying cage, forced into the moving 'car' thing, and :shudder: taken to see Dr. Vet, where you not only have to deal with all the awful smells of unknown creatures, but you also get poked and prodded and have stuff shoved down your throat and get stabbed repeatedly with pointy things. THEN, after all that, you get plunked back into the cage and forced back into the moving thing before you get back home and finally released from the cage.

It's not a pleasant experience, let me tell you. It happened to me on Saturday and I won't soon forget it. Roxy tried to warn us, 'cause she went through it the week before, but I didn't believe her. Next time I'll listen, even if she is just a youngster. The good thing is, The Mommy says everything is okay and I shouldn't have to go through it again for a year (Roxy either). I'm telling you, in a year -- however long that is -- I'm going into hiding!

Stay safe, kitties!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tortie Tuesday

I know, I know, it's odd to see me on a Tortie Tuesday. But remember, I am a dilute tortie (essentially, instead of mostly black furs with orange and white and gray, I have mostly gray furs with orange and white and black). So that means I get to do Tortie Tuesday too!

This photo of me napping on the end table actually shows my tortie colors quite well, I think.

And this photo shows the tortie 'tude for sure. This is the look The Mommy gets when she bothers me with the flashy box thing one time too many.

Feel free to 'borrow' this look to use on your own human, even if you're not a tortie!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mancat Monday

A flashback to Mancat Training before Ziggy became a mancat...

Pixie: This is how you drink out of the kitchen faucet, Ziggy:

Ziggy: But what if I'd rather just lick the sink?

Pixie: *sigh* This is going to take some work....


Friday, May 14, 2010

It's a Jungle Out There

In the jungle, the mighty jungle...
The panther stalks his prey...

Because, well, you never know when a vishuss evil milk jug ring will go all rogue and attack!

It just looks all innocent and unable to cause mischief lying there like that...I know better though.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Tuesday Thief

Yes, I know it's Thursday, not Tuesday. But you guys are not gonna believe what happened to me on Tuesday! It was a very traumatic experience. I'm only just now able to talk about it. I mean, the nerve! She took me...! And he...! And I had to...! Oh I still can't talk about it. The Mommy, you tell them.

The Mommy: All right, Bugsy, I'll tell them. Calm down, honey. You see folks, about a month or so ago, I noticed Bugsy, erm, behaving inappropriately outside of the litterbox --

Bugsy: Oh stop being all delicate about it. I was peeing where I shouldn't, okay? Like in her bathroom (The Mommy sez: where there's carpet, by the way) and in the entry on the front door and in the laundry room (and that's only the places that she knows about... ).

The Mommy: Oh dear. Anyway, so off to Dr. Vet he went a couple of Saturdays ago, with all the signs of a bladder infection. He didn't have any urine in his bladder that could be tested for a bladder infection --

Bugsy: That's not true, I just wouldn't let him steal my pee! Ha! So there!

The Mommy: Yes, Bugsy, you showed him, didn't you. But with his symptoms and his history last year of having a bladder stone, Dr. Vet decided to go ahead and put him on a 2-week regimen of twice daily medicine, with a follow-up visit on Tuesday. This time, I was to drop him off in the morning and let him stay in daycare allllll day with Dr. Vet and the nice vet assistant give him plenty of time to provide some urine for a test, just in case. We had to do that last year too.

Bugsy: You see that? She ADMITS to carelessly neglecting me by making me stay at Mean Ol' Dr. Vet's ALL DAY LONG!! And while I was there -- THEY STOLE MY PEE!!!!!!!! That, after pumping me full of fluids to make me have pee in the first place. Sheesh, it's like fake pee or something. I don't think it even counts.

The Mommy: Well if you'd cooperate in the first place, maybe I wouldn't have to leave you there all day, Bugsy. Unfortunately, as you've found out, you do indeed have an infection, with just a hint of blood cells in your urine as well, so you're on drugs for another two weeks, me boyo.

Bugsy: WHAT? You're going to torture me with medicine treatments twice a day for TWO MORE WEEKS? Awwwwww, man.

The Mommy: I'm afraid so, dear. That may partly be my fault, I skipped a few of the doses in the prior two weeks, when you were hiding too well or I was too tired or didn't want to bother you. But this time, I'm determined to give them all to you, so we can knock this out before it gets worse like last year. You don't want that again, do you? Surgery again? Lots of pain?

Bugsy:, not really.

The Mommy: No, I didn't think so. We'll just have to get through it now and get done, and hopefully that will be the end of that.

Bugsy: Well, at least you were able to get them to do my rabies shot and other annual stuff while I was there Tuesday even though it was a few weeks early, so now I shouldn't have to go back to see Dr. Vet for a long time, right, Mommy? Right? Um, Mommy? Why do you have that innocent yet evil look on your face?

I don't have a good feeling about this...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Toesday

Look at me! Look at me! I've got toesies on Tuesday! Even my tail and some tummy! Aren't I just too adorable??

It's all in the perspective, of course...

Wow, take a gander at these toes! I even skeer myself a little with this photo...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mancat Monday

Hi peoples! Ziggy here, for my first official Mancat Monday post. It's hard to believe I'm really a Mancat now...and that I've been here at The Kitty Krew for 6 months already (Gypsy too)!

I started out here as a 6-month old skeered kitten, skittish and wide-eyed...

But soon found out that there were fun scratching thingies...

And all sorts of toys to play with!

Of course, the most important thing to naps. Always take out time for a nap or three.

We hope all you moms out there -- whether you're a mom to humans, kitties, woofies, or other critters -- had a great Mother's Day yesterday!


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