Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sad September 1

You may have seen the news on the Cat Blogosphere that today is Roxy's birthday. Unfortunately, we have sad news for you all. Our baby doll Roxy crossed the Rainbow Bridge back in early April at the age of ~5.5 years old after a sudden illness. We still miss her so much. Yeah, we know that The Mommy kinda considered her, and Callie, as the favorites; and yeah, the rest of us were a little jealous. But we didn't want both of them to cross the Bridge within 16 months of each other!

She was such a beautiful calico girl, a good sister to the furry butts and a great lap warmer and companion for The Mommy.  We hope her and Callie are enjoying their time napping in the sun, chasing mousies and romping around with other CB friends over there across the Bridge.  Give your furries/feathers or other non-human friends an extra pat in Roxy's memory, yeah?

On another note, we know it's been nearly a year since we last posted (or visited), and we appreciate those of you that still come by and post comments from time to time to let us know you're thinking of us; we think of all you guys, too!  It's been some busy months for The Mommy, made worse by various health issues, some easily taken care of and some not so much.

We hope to start posting and visiting again, although it'll likely be sporadic and with no real schedule.  Some of her health issues remain, including a chronic condition that changes life to a "new normal" kinda thing.  But we're keeping positive and upbeat as best we can, and look forward to seeing what everyone has been up to!

Love, hugs and purrrrrrs to all,

The Kitty Krew and The Mommy
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