Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Toysday Tuesday

So The Mommy told us she ordered us some new toys from Baby Patches's website, Supplies Just 4 Pets, last week. Guess what came in the mail yesterday! We sniffed and sniffed at the package when The Mommy brought it in 'cuz it smelled so good. She wouldn't open it right away though, she said something about having to put groceries away. Hmph! And then she wanted to feed us, and eat dinner herself! Geesh!! But finally it was time to take care of the important stuff. Warning, lots of pictures coming up!

Sassy: Hey Callie, hey Pixie, what do you think is in here?

Roxy: I'm tired of waiting, I'm going to play with this old toy for now.

Sassy: Ohhhhh, I *like* this honeysuckle pillow! It tastes so good and the color that Baby Patches sent is our favorite! We love blue!

Pixie: Plague Ratsies!! We haz 'em! We now have 2 of our very own plague ratsies to play with. Great bunny-kicking fun!

Bugsy: And look! We also have Catnip Bananas! We got 2 of these, too. In addition to rubbing against like I'm doing here, these are also great for bunny-kicking as well as chewing. (We already had the boogie mat shown in this picture.)

Pixie: Yeah, I love the catnip banana, too! (You may need to bigify the picture to truly get the benefit of my expression...MOL)

Pixie: Hey Roxy, check out the new Boogie Mat -- now we have 3 of 'em! See what it says? "Birds can fly, so should I!" Hey - they ARE meant to be magic carpet flying boogie mats! (The orange toy shown behind me is an old one.)

Sassy: Hey Bugsy, these catnip bananas are a lot of fun, aren't they?

Bugsy: Yeah, they are, Sassy!

Sassy: I think the banana is my favorite, I can put the bitey on it and bunny-kick it at the same time!

Bugsy: I don't know, I kinda like the plague ratsie, too.

Callie: Yeah, the plague rat is good. It tastes good!

Callie: I like the banana too, though!

Roxy: The honeysuckle pillow smells pretty good!

The Mommy: In addition to the new boogie mat, 2 catnip bananas, 2 plague rats and the honeysuckle pillow, the spoiled kitties also got some other toys that weren't even given to them yet. I didn't want to overwhelm them with too much at once! So they still have more surprises to come in the future.... A big thanks to Baby Patches and her mommy for all the great stuff and getting it to us promptly!


The Monkeys said...

We love our bananas and plague rats too! Somehow, both of our honeysuckle toys that we got from Baby Patches are missing (Mom should really check under the sofa) but we loved them too!

Our catnip bananas are so brown now. I think it's because Samson drools all over them. We need some more!

Furkidsmom said...

Baby Patches has the BEST stuff! We love our Plague Ratsies and we're going to keep pushing Mom to order us the honeysuckle toys!!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! What pawesome stuff your Mommy got you guys! We've never heard of that stuff before (just the boogie mat, because GJ has one!) Neither has Mom. We want that stuff!!! HEY MOMMMMMMM?!???!?
Enjoy your LOOT!

Mishkat said...

Hooray for new toys and boogie mats! We only have two boogie mats, and one of them is broken :( , so we might need to get more. And those bananas look great - Pixie's expression is priceless!

Angel and Kirby said...

WE don't have banana's or plaque rats! Should we feel deprived? Grate new toys. You are very lucky kitties.

The Island Cats said...

Oh wow! You got some cool stuff there! We gotta get a new nip nanner cuz we chewed a hole in ours...well, Ernie did...and now all the nip is falling out...we wanna try those honeysuckle toys...we've never had that before...

pee ess. we loved all the pictures!

Sam and Andy said...

You got some great "stuffs". New toys are a necessity, and we have been reminding Mom that it's time for some new ones here also.

Purrs and hugs

The Creek Cats said...

Fun, fun, fun!!!
We got our package from Baby Patches store yesterday! We got honeysuckle spray and another plague ratsie!!

Anonymous said...

ohboy! You got some really great catnip toys! Mom needs to freshen up our Boogie Mat so Whitey can try it. He's never even seen one before!

Reese =^..^= said...

It looks like Christmas at your house!!!

SeaThreePeeO said...

We's has demanded that we's get these rattsies and bananas too!

Looks like yous had lots of bunny kicking fun.

Thomas, Charlie and Lola x

Daisy said...

You got a great assortment of some of the very best toys!

Anya said...

You are lucky ones,
so many new toys that wonderful :)
I love the banana .... & the boogiemat Yeahhhh......
Have fun :)

Kareltje =^.^=

William said...

Oh my Bast! TOY-A-PALOOZA!!!

You guys are so lucky. I have to have my mom take a look at this!

Jasmim said...

You loved it!

Misha said...

Looks like you guys are going bananas over your nip bananas!

Eric and Flynn said...

Wow Lots of great toys to play with. We love our plague ratsie.

MoMo said...

What a lot of cool stuff!! We have to see what is left of SS's paypacket this week before we can decide on what toys are forthcoming.

Fin said...

Big fun!!


This looks like one big cat toy party! Fun, Fun and more Fun!
We likey these kind of parties!

ML said...

Wowie, you all had a major haul, didn't yous.
I wanna plague ratsie!
Love & Purrs,

Milo and Alfie said...

We love our plague ratsies ~ we play wiv them every day. And we love our boogie mats too (yoo can fly wiv them!).
Great stash.

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Those are great photos! Thank you for sharing! You will have lots of fun for a long time!

catsintrees said...

Those bananas do look like they are a lot of fun.

Baby Patches said...

OMC! Thanks you so much for lettings your momma takes so many wonderfur pictures of you all wif your new toys, we all knows how dat flashy fing can be.

I so happy dat you luvs your new toys and can't wait to sees more pics of da others you gots too!

Dat honeysuckle pillow is pawsome huh! Momma was quite surprised how much I luvs mine

Thanks again for postings about your new toys and where you gots em


Pee Sss - momma and I stopped by yesterday but momma gots too busy to helps me wif comments

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