Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tweet Week!

Our friend Fin has declared this to be Tweet Week! We like her style, just making a decision to declare a theme week and running with it. You go, girlcat.

So here's what we got for you as our main entry for Tweet Week. First up, from January of this year, Pixie is on the window seat perch inside, staring at the birdies on the ground outside. (You may have to bigify to see them, they're the little blackish blobbies against the dead grass.) There's about 10-15 viewable in the photo but there were a bunch more out in the yard. Because of the way the ground slopes, that window overlooks the backyard by quite a bit, so it's almost like being in a 1/2 story upper level!

Pixie was just chittering away at those birdies, swishing his tail, and giving them what for. If he could've gotten out, he would've showed THEM who's the boss!

Now here we have what otherwise would have shown up in one of our new features, the Sunday Salute. This photo is from August 2004, when Bugsy and Sassy were about 10 months old. This was taken at the House We (except Pixie) Lived In Before along with our ex-daddy.

Even though there are no fevvers in the picture, we think this counts as a Double Tweet picture...d'ya know why? Well, we'll tell you! First, they're up there on that cross-bar next to the hummingbird feeder and above the other bird feeder. So when birdies came to feed when we weren't sitting there, we could watch them from inside. And second, they were looking off at a bird, probably a cardinal if The Mommy remembers correctly, that was sitting over on the fence! You can see how intent they were, as if they're ready to jump right off and go after it (they didn't).

There you have it! We hope you liked our Tweet Week photos.

PS - An update on Bugsy: He's now had two radiation treatments. The Mommy talked with the cancer v-e-t's office Monday afternoon and they left her a voice mail Tuesday afternoon, and everything went well with both treatments. He came out of the anesthesia just fine (they have to anesthetize him so he'll stay still in the restraints during the treatment), has been eating afterwards, and resting well. So far they have no concerns. 2 down, 16 to go...


The Monkeys said...

We love the pic of you two on the birdie feeder! You both look ready to pounce.

We're glad to hear that Bugsy is going through his treatment okay, but we bet you guys miss him while he's at the hospital!

SeaThreePeeO said...

Those are great tweet week pictures.

Very good news about Bugsy. We purr and pray that he continues to do well!

Anonymous said...

That is pawesome news about Bugsy!!! WTG Big Guy!!! And we love the pic of them sitting by the hummingbird feeder! Would've been great to capture a picture of them. We have them too and mom has been trying to get a picture of them ALL summer! We think they gone now! :o(

The Island Cats said...

That's our favorite pasttime too...watching the birdies!!

We hope things continue to go well for Bugsy...we're purring for him!

(pee ess. Regarding my tomato, they advertise it as an apple but I think they got it all really is a tomato!! ~Wally)

The Creek Cats said...

Wow, that's the greatest view from that bird watching perch! Great job with tweet week!

So glad to hear Bugsy is doing well with the raditation treatments!

Angel and Kirby said...

Love the photo on the perch with the bird feeders! WE are so glad to hear that Bugsy is doing well with his treatments. We are sending purrs that it continues to go well.

Sam and Andy said...

Love the tweet week pictures.

Pawsome news about Bugsy...we are purring and purraying that it all continues to go well for him.


JC said...

The two sitting by the bird feeders ... Purrfect !!!

So glad the treatments are going ok for him. So sorry that this has happened to him ...

Cat of Nine Tales said...

Great tweet pics. I prefer this kind of tweet to the electronic version any day!

Radiation stinks. I'll be purring for Bugsy and putting out a lot of Reiki long distance healing too!
~Lisa and Co9T

Lyn said...

Oh brave Bugsy! I hope it all goes well and he will soon be back home with you all.

Anya said...

Your Tweet Week pictures
are very cute :)
Fantastic news about Bugsy,
we purrrrrss.. al the time ;)
Kareltje =^.^=

CCL Wendy said...

Yes, I agree there are implied Tweets in this post, and that certainly counts!

I'm sorry to hear about Bugsy and the radiation treatments. I didn't realize he had to go through all of that -- poor wee pet! It's good that he's not having any lasting effects from it, though.

Cats in trees said...

You are real bird watching professionals.

DEBRA said...

Those pixchurs were tweeticious!


Eric and Flynn said...

You are watching very intently from the bird feeder.
We are glad Bugsy is doing well. We are purring for him.

Anonymous said...

Funny shot on the bird feeders! That looks like something we'd do. Glad to hear Bugsy is doing ok and we're sending him BIG purrs!

katztales said...

Amazing pictures! Good to her Bugsy is doing well. We're purring for him.

Fin said...

Thanks for the shout out Krew! And thanks for playing.

So glad to hear Bugsy is doing well! Can't wait till you get him home.

Tracey and Huffle said...

Great news about Bugsy! I will keep purring for him.

Huffle Mawson

Anonymous said...

See, cats are quite generous creatures, devoting an entire week to birds!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Those are great tweet week pictures - we haven't found any good ones yet. I am so glad that Bugsy's treatments are going well - we are keeping our fingers and purrs crossed that they keep going that well the whole time!

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