Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tortie Tuesday

I has a complaint!

Did you hear me?! I has a complaint!!

We haven't had Tortie Tuesday for the last two weeks. I'm feeling left out and ignored (doesn't matter if I've had photos other days...that's not the point...really...). The People and Kitties demand their Tortie Tuesday! They can't be expected to go on without their Tortie Goodness!

For instance, the way my gorgeous tortie colors are set off by the blue hairy bed:

And how adorable I look curled up in the corner of the couch on the burgandy/white fuzzy blankie with my head on the arm of the couch:

And of course, a squeeeeeeee-licious belly shot!

There. I feel better now. Thank you, Mommy.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Mancat Monday

The Many Napping Places of Pixie...

Hi peoples! We got lots of good napping places here at de Casa Kitty Krew, and I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you.

Here I am on the couch, laying half on the pink/blue hairy blankie and half on the burgandy/white fuzzy blankie.

Now I'm under the desk. I'm not hiding, I was protecting The Mommy while she was on the computer thingy!

This is another good place on the couch, sitting on a combination of the arm of the couch, a couple of pillows, and The Mommy's shoulder!

The couch with the pink/blue hairy blankie again...

Again with the pink/blue hairy blankie, but up against The Mommy too!

Our blue hairy bed.

Again on the couch/pillows/The Mommy combination!

On the shelf unit by the window, enjoying the warm sun and looking at some birdies.

Curled up in The Mommy's arm/lap at the computer desk.

Did I mention I like napping on the pink/blue hairy blankie on the couch, especially when The Mommy is sitting there next to me?

I hope you all have great napping places, too!

Bye peoples!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Easy Like Sunday

Laptime with Mommy...we're doing it right.






PS: There were questions yesterday about how Bugsy got up on top of the shelf unit -- it's magic! Teehee. But in addition, the TV entertainment unit thingie is nearby, and we use that to jump to the top two shelves of that shelf unit (and we use the window perch to jump up on the TV thingie or the lower shelves of the shelf unit -- see below illustration with bonus photo of Sassy guarding the electronics!).

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Silly Saturday

I've been having a nice nap on top of this shelf unit, but now I'm awake.

And after a good stretch...

It's time to go somewhere else! I'm so speedy, I'm just a blur...

Okay, I'll admit these photos are a few weeks old. But I'm sure I'll be up there again this weekend. It's good to be home again after my second week of radiation treatments. And now, with 10 of 18 done, I'm past the halfway point! Everything is going well, and they all love me at the cancer v-e-t's place; I have them eating out of my paw. And so far, no sign of any bad side effects -- this is about the point where the doc guy said they might start showing up. Keeping my paws crossed that none do...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Finally Friday

Nap time...you're doing it right.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sassy's Scoop

Mommy? Why are you upside down??

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Toes and Tummy

Don't I have a byooooooootiful tummy? And such kyooooooot toes?

It's impossible not to adore me...

PS - We forgot to mention before, we wanted to congratulate the kitties at The Casbah Kitten for winning our little "what's wrong with this picture" contest in Saturday's post! They'll be getting a prize.

PPS - We have one taker for Paw It Forward but would still like another...anyone? Anyone? Bueller? (Our Mommy says that's supposed to be funny but we don't get it... )

Monday, September 21, 2009

Mancat Monday

It was great to be home this weekend, away from the mean ol' cancer v-e-t place. (Yeah, they treat me fine...other than that whole giving-me-anesthesia and strapping-me-down-to-give-me-radiation 5-days-in-a-row and having-to-board-there-all-week thing...but it's still not home.) Here I am Friday evening, surveying my domain to make sure nothing has changed drastically.

By the time most of you read this, I'll be back at the cancer v-e-t place for my 2nd week of treatments. *Sigh* On the upside, when I come home for the weekend after this week, I'll be more than halfway through the treatment plan!

And then....and THEN! On top of everything else, after being caged up all week at the cancer v-e-t, The Mommy had the nerve to put me back in the carrier cage thingy on Saturday morning to take me to the regular v-e-t for a pee test follow-up from the struvite bladder stone I had surgically removed earlier in the summer (this summer has really sucked, lemme tell ya) and guess what? While I don't have any crystals in my pee, which is a good thing, I do have a bit of a bladder infection. So now I'm on pills twice a day for the next two weeks and then I have to go back and take the test again. I guess that's what I get for not studying for this one!

It's just not FAIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! ::Whine whine whine complain complain complain:: I think I'll put the bitey on someone at the cancer v-e-t's this week...

See y'all next weekend!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday smorgasbord - The Four P's

Another smorgasbord of things for today, featuring 4 p's: A prize, a purchase, a paw it forward, and a priceless precious collectible! Enjoy...


First up, we have a not-a-raffle (MOL) prize that we won from Hansel and Tesla. It's a Great Escape cat condo that comes with a fevver attached and can be hooked up to more units to make a giant condo! How cool is that? The fevver is great fun.

Roxy checks it out:

Sassy attacks the fevver:

We've all had some fun with that fevver so far and will be posting more photos and some movies in the coming days/weeks! Thanks so much to Hansel and Tesla for our new condo!!


Next, we have some great nip balls that were a purchase from Shadow Cat and her mom. These are crocheted balls with nip inside! Must be some good nip, too, 'cuz we're having a blast with them. The Mommy's only given us a couple so far (she bought a bunch, most for us -- figuring some will get lost and need replacing, MOL -- and some for sharing), plus Shadow sent a special big one on a string for Bugsy -- she said she thinks he's a handsome mancat! (We agree!)

Here, Callie checks out a purple nip ball:

And Bugsy shows how happy he is to be home from the cancer v-e-t for the weekend by playing with his special large rainbow-colored nip-ball-on-a-string:

And here's a video of Sassy playing with a pink nip ball!

What a blast! And Bugsy says thank you to Shadow for the extra special large nip ball!


For our paw it forward, we got a package allllllll the way from Australia! We don't know exactly where that is of course, but we know it's a long long long way away from us in Texas USA. Our friend Huffle Mawson, she of the missing parsley pot, sent us a package of wonderful goodies.

Here we are checking the stuff out, except for Roxy (though you can see her butt and tail in the back -- so it's almost another Quintuple Cat Crown Jewel photo! MOL). We've got toys, and a 2010 Australia calendar for The Mommy, and a beautimous picture of Herself too!

Callie plays with one of the fevver/ball toys:

Roxy can't decide whether to play with a baby mousie, or the ladybug with a ring string in its butt (when The Mommy pulls the string, the ladybug moves! It works better on non-carpet surfaces...):

And Pixie plays with the red fevver ball toy while Huffle herself snoopervises (and Callie too until she gets chased off):

Thank you so much for the lovely toys, and the calendar and of course the card with your glamourous photo, Miss Huffle!! We love it all and appreciate it very much.

And now it's our turn to Paw It Forward with a kitty or two! We know a lot of you have played recently or may feel like you can't play yourselves but really, it doesn't take much to play. It's not about the money you spend, it's just about doing something nice for somebuddy sometime down the road. It doesn't even have to be immediate; you can play now by receiving, and play a lot later by giving/helping when you can. Even if you've received before, even recently, you can still receive now.

So how about it? Are there a couple of kitties out there who wanna play? First two to respond in the comments get it!


And last but certainly not least, our priceless precious collectible comes from our friends at Zoolatry on their Cat Collectibles site, where this stunning image was posted yesterday:

Isn't that beautiful?? We were amazed, and honored by the work the Zoolatry Human did on our images. Check out her other work at that site too, if you haven't...it's simply wonderful. Thanks so much, ZH!!


Yeah, we're a little long-winded today for an Easy Sunday....sorry 'bout that. Time to go take some naps to recover...

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